What is Babybraiin?

The Adventures of Babybraiin stories are about a giant head called Babybraiin, who is on a mission to grow her brain. Along the way, she not only grows her brain cells but the confidence and charisma to keep going when things get tough. The Babybraiin stories are ones of resilience, persistence and friendship.  

On this website you will find all the latest news from the Babybraiin Universe, as well as free downloadable worksheets to stretch your braincells. The target age group for the stories is 4-6 years, but like many children’s stories, it can be enjoyed at any age!

The inspiration for Babybraiin developed out of my need to find a way to engage with the pupils I taught. In quiet moments during the school day pupils would ask me questions like, why does everyone else understand and I don’t? Or I’m not as intelligent as the other kids, am I? 

I then realised how much pupils actually worried about their progress, how much they compared themselves to others and how much they needed reassurance from the learning practitioners around them, that they are doing ok. 

I realised how important it is for the pupils to feel that they have the ability to learn new things and to build on what they already know. I witnessed first hand the importance of sharing knowledge in an inspiring way that does not intimidate or lead them to question their own intelligence, but to spark their curiosity and elevate their learning potential. 

During my training year, the pupils I taught really connected with the concept of Babybraiin and helping her brain to grow with the support of their collective knowledge. It was great to see that learning became a team experience, where each member supported the other. Wrong answers were explored just as much as right answers, in the knowledge that it is ok to be wrong in this safe space because we are all learning together.  

Babybraiin adventure stories is my way to try to extend these lessons in collaboration and resilience beyond the classroom.

The stories we tell each other and ourselves are important and the ones we choose to remember tend to be ones that resonate with us, sometimes for reasons we can not explain at the time, this is especially true for children. 

Sharing stories with positive messages about ones potential for learning and growing at your own pace are the ones that I choose to share. I hope that if it encourages even one child who may be struggling with their learning to give something one more go then, I will keep going! 

Miss Tara 

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